For Earth Day, your first $10 SunFunder investment is free!

Apr 22, 2014

If you haven’t yet made your first investment on SunFunder, there’s no better day than Earth Day to do it. The first $10 is on us, because Happy Earth Day! 


By investing in solar, you are helping to:

Combat climate change with a low hanging fruit. Few actions could reduce carbon emissions as cheaply and easily as the phase-out of fuel-based lighting such as kerosene-fueled lamps, candles, and battery-powered flashlights. UNEP estimated in 2013 that fuel-based lighting contributes 74 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually, equivalent to emissions from 18 million mid-size cars. For more environmental benefits from ending the use of kerosene lamps, read this.

Lower the barriers to education for children, especially young girls. Children in off-grid communities are tasked with household chores during the daytime, taking precious time away from schooling. When night falls, they have to study under poor conditions by candle light or a kerosene lamp. With solar powered lighting at night, they are able to add more hours of effective studying every night and have a better chance of excelling in school.

Create healthier living conditions for families. Every person that is exposed to the fumes of a kerosene lamp on a daily basis for a year risks the same health dangers as smoking 208 cigarettes a year. Switching from kerosene to solar is a quick way for families in off-grid communities to lead healthier lives. The proof is in the pudding: in various impact assessment reports of solar projects around the world, solar light users have consistently self reported significant reduction in coughing and other respiratory problems since they stopped using kerosene lamps. 

It should be obvious: Earth Day or not, investing in solar is a great choice. To send a solar investment gift this Earth Day or on any other day, select the “Gifts” tab after clicking “Invest” on any project page. Apply coupon EARTHDAY today to invest your first $10 for free:



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