1. You Can Empower 5,000 Lives with Solar

    This holiday season the SunFunder team is challenging our community to ensure that 5,000 people kick off 2013 with solar powered lights and mobile phone charging units. We’re calling it (drum roll please!) the Solar Lights Holiday Challenge.

    We think this goal is easily within reach, especially because Stiefel Family Foundation has agreed to support us with a generous amount in matching funds to help us reach 5,000 lives. But at the end of the day, we still need you to play an important role in getting there.

    How it works:

    1. People like you invest in solar and Stiefel Family Foundation will match your loan dollar for dollar, effectively doubling your impact 
    2. You can dedicate the matched loan to someone special, and the recipient of your gift loan will receive special SunFunder holiday cards via email (see below!)
    3. Together we #Empower5K lives!

    Angaza Design Pay As You Go Solar holiday card 

    SolarAid holiday card

    Will you join us and take the challenge?

    You can do so by selecting a project to loan to and telling your friends about the ongoing matching special. The matching funds from Stiefel Family Foundation are available for a limited time only, so the faster we spread the word and get more people to double their impact, the quicker we will empower 5,000 lives with solar power. Let’s go!

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