Solar vs. Kerosene: Solar Wins Every Time

Nov 27, 2012

Initially, we wanted to write a long, descriptive explanation about the disadvantages of kerosene lanterns and advantages of solar lights with revealing numbers and fancy graphs to tell you why solar is a winner. But why do that when Brave Mhonie from SunnyMoney can tell it much more convincingly in this short video:

What he said is so good, we’re going to reiterate some of Brave’s key points:

  1. Healthier. Solar lights don’t emit toxic smoke like kerosene lanterns.
  2. Brighter. Solar lights give off enough light, better light, and for a long time.
  3. Safer. Solar lights don’t break, and they don’t explode and start fires at home like kerosene lanterns can.
  4. Cost effective. Sunshine is free! And with the money saved from not having to buy kerosene, people can make their money back on a solar light within 1-2 months.

And Brave was not exaggerating when he said the solar lights don’t break. Check out the same solar light he was holding—the d.light S1 which we distributed in Zambia with SunnyMoney—being run over by a car, not once, but four times:

Solar lighting isn’t hype. It’s not a trend. It’s a simple, cost-effective solution for helping the one out of every five people in this world who lack electricity have light to brighten up their lives. Take Therasea’s and Ann’s word for it:

And in certain cases, it also helps people like these New York University students, who recently dealt with the power outage from Hurricane Sandy and experienced first hand the tremendous benefit of a Greenlight Planet Sun King Pro solar light—another light we also distributed with SunnyMoney in Zambia.

If you still want the fancy numbers and graphs to help convince you about solar lights, let us know and we’ll get them over to you!


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